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Three ‘Classic’ Motor Yachts Available for Less Than $1 Million

In a market saturated with sleek, modern motor yachts, there is a special allure in acquiring a vessel from the 1980s and 1990s, an era that emanates elegance and grace. These antique treasures have a nostalgic appeal and present prospective proprietors with compelling advantages. Investing in a classic motor yacht enables enthusiasts to appreciate the craftsmanship and design legacy of renowned shipbuilders, often at a more affordable price. In addition, these motor vessels have a history of dependability and seaworthiness due to their sturdy construction and engineering. With their enduring beauty and enduring functionality, these classic motor vessels guarantee a luxurious voyage regardless of the destination. Here are three classic motor yachts presently available for less than $1 million from FGI Yacht Group.

Mon Sheri, a Broward Marine vessel, measuring 32.92 metres in length, built in 1990, and costing $875,000

In 1990, Mon Sheri was delivered to her original owners as the ideal luxury motor yacht for discerning proprietors who appreciated the timeless design. This 32.92-metre yacht was constructed by the American shipyard Broward Marine and features a classic exterior design by Broward Marine and an interior design by Yacht Interiors by Shelley. Her expansive aft deck is perfect for … Read the rest

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