4 Bangalore Travel Attractions Tourists Should Consider

Attractions such as nature’s charms, revered pilgrim sites, heritage and cultural attractions keep travellers coming back to Bangalore again and again. Furthermore, Bannerghatta National Park houses spectacular wildlife that visitors cannot get enough of!

Explore nature at Lalbagh Botanical Garden or make memories with children at Fun World, where there’s also an ice-cold snow park! Cathay Pacific offers Sydney to Bangalore transportation for fast access.

1. Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden lies at the heart of Bangalore and boasts an array of trees and plants from across India. Additionally, this sprawling park contains a lake with an aquarium as well as other fascinating attractions; making it a prime spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers. Also within this sprawling space stands Kempegowda Tower which was constructed by Bangalore’s founder to offer panoramic views from its top.

While strolling through the garden, you might hear various types of birds singing from within its lush green surroundings – parakeets, pond herons, mynas and purple moor hens are some of the species found here. The park provides the ideal place for long strolls with loved ones or spending quality family time.

One of the most notable elements of the garden is its Glass House, inspired by London’s Crystal Palace. Built in 1889 and renovated in 2004, this structure serves as a popular venue for flower shows during January and August each year.

Attractions near the botanical garden include Bangalore Palace, which can be reached within minutes by car from there. This exquisite Tudor-style palace should not be missed by history enthusiasts!

Cubbon Park in Bangalore, covering over 300 acres and offering something different can be an exciting attraction in its own right. Here you will find several government buildings – such as State Legislature and High Court of Karnataka.

Additionally, the park features numerous walking tracks designed for runners and walkers alike, making it suitable for both runners and walkers alike. Furthermore, this venue hosts various annual festivals such as Bengaluru International Film Festival and Indian Book Fair.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden should be visited between November and March when temperatures are comparatively cooler; during other times of year it can become extremely hot and humid. Open daily from 6AM to 8PM with parking charges applicable at its entrance, visitors are recommended to plan their visit between these dates.

2. Freedom Park

Freedom Park, a historical park located in Gandhi Nagar in Bangalore is an integral part of city tourism. Built upon an old prison, Freedom Park served its original function until 2008 before BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) renovated it to become Freedom Park; which offers library services, jogger’s stretch, children’s play areas and historic jail relics to visit.

This park is one of the top tourist attractions in Bangalore and provides visitors with many enjoyable activities. What sets it apart is its original purpose of imprisoning freedom fighters; then later used by prominent Indian leaders such as Anna Hazare to host public meetings, protests and rallies.

The park is divided into various blocks that offer different sightseeing scenes and activities, making for an excellent day picnic destination in Bangalore. It features shaded, cool ambiance, greenery, jogger’s stretch and an amphitheatre to provide visitors with an ideal place to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends. It is the best spot in town!

Attractions at the Jail include the Jail Museum, Sculpture Court, Ashoka Pillar and water fountain. Also notable is its massive central tower used by officials to observe prisoners; visitors can get an up close glimpse into residential quarters (known as barracks) of convicts as well as viewing spots where prisoners were hanged for their crimes.

There are many hotels near Freedom Park that provide fantastic lodging deals. Octave Himalaya Monarch, a 3-star property nearby Freedom Park with free parking, shared lounge, room service, dining options at its on-site restaurant and drinks from its bar are among them; other popular choices near Freedom Park include Mulberry Inn and Modern Hotel which are within an easy taxi ride away from Freedom Park railway station.

3. Bugle Rock Park

Bugle Rock Park is an expansive nature park named after its majestic rock formation – an estimated age of three billion years, it was likely part of Gondwana landmass and forms part of its boundaries. Furthermore, there is also a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha within its boundaries.

This park provides scenic views of the city and is an ideal picnicking location. In monsoon season, its lush terrain becomes home to numerous types of flora; making this an oasis for runners and walkers.

Bangalore residents regularly frequent this park, known as its “Green Lungs.” With three temples, walking and jogging tracks and an open gym all offering something different for all age groups and interests – not to mention rocks with hollows once used as lamps over 3 billion years ago!

In addition, the park features several historical inscriptions and stone tablets which document its past. Renowned Kannada poet and philosopher D V Gundappa lived nearby this park; additionally it houses a 300-seat amphitheatre which hosts cultural, social and awareness events.

The park is a haven for walkers, frequented by senior citizens in groups who come together for socializing and exercise. Rocky paths shaded by eucalyptus, ficus and gulmohar trees offer welcome shade; fruit bats (Pteropus giganteus) may even roost here!

The park contains numerous remnants and structures from the 16th century, such as a watchtower built by a feudal ruler to limit Bangalore’s expansion. There is also a temple, shrine and auditorium within the park as well as the unique Bull Temple with its massive statue of Nandi the sacred bull.

4. Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park in Bangalore City is a beloved day trip destination among tech nerds and professionals in the tech sector alike. This natural reserve offers visitors a serene jungle experience close to city limits while hosting many wild animals and exotic birds that inhabit this natural reserve.

The Park features a dedicated zoo with an impressive collection of wildlife including panthers, tigers, bears, elephants, hog deer, black bucks, chitals and bonnet macaques – among many other animals. Each enclosure replicates their natural environment so visitors can view these fascinating animals safely from a safe distance while guides provide insights and education regarding specific animal species.

Visitors of the Biological Park can also take in attractions that make up its attractions, including the Butterfly Garden and Conservatory. The Butterfly Garden is one of the largest attractions in India, housing 48 species of butterflies that flutter flutter around its lush greenery. Meanwhile, its conservatory boasts exotic plants and flowers which serve as ideal homes for these insects.

As one of the top attractions, visitors can experience the thrill of viewing free-range wild animals in their natural environment during an exciting safari ride led by trained guides. Additionally, there is also a museum at this park showcasing various animal trophies, skeletons, photographs and fossils which provide educational value.

Though open throughout the year, early summer or winter seasons tend to provide cooler temperatures, while monsoon rainstorms make it more difficult for visitors to appreciate nature trails and wildlife.

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