Russian Holiday Can be Best Enjoyed on a Russian River Cruise

Russian River Cruise

The great rivers of Russia offer to a traveler the best way to explore this great country with its historic past, natural beauty and fabulous works of architectural splendor. Most of Russian famous cities are located on the banks of waterways connecting the Baltic Sea with the black Sea. The great cities of Moscow and St Petersburg are located on the waterways. The complex labyrinth of connection of canals linking Moscow and St Petersburg to five different seas and creates a singular chance of a river cruise by a ship across Russia and Eurasia from north to south.

From May to October each year, a number of ships big enough to carry more than 150 passengers and about 80 crew members sail in Baltic Sea from Moscow to St Petersburg and back and from Moscow to Astrakhan and black on the Black Sea. These Russian Cruises give you an unique opportunity to see rich tradition and history of Russia by halting at places of historical and cultural importance. Many of these places are difficult to reach by land.

You can discover many facets of Russia in these Russian Cruises. You can see more of this mysterious country like the mosques of ancient Kazan on the Black Sea bank, ancient castles of Novgorod as also the luxurious palaces of St Petersburg and the splendid churches of Moscow.

Some of the important and fascinating Russian River cruises are Moscow to St Petersburg, St Petersburg to Moscow , Moscow to Astrakhan and Astrakhan to Moscow, Moscow to Rostov-on Don, St Petersburg to Rostov on Done. But the Moscow -St Petersburg is the most talked about river cruise. A voyage along the Volga River and Lake Omega is truly exceptional. The journey from Moscow to Astrakhan by the river Volga is memorable for visit to the ancient Mongolian capital located on the cost of the Caspian Sea. The journey from St Petersburg to Rostov- on Don is fascinating due to the places of rich culture and history the voyage passes through.

If you are on a Russian holiday, and opt for a river cruise connecting Moscow and St Petersburg, you would benefit on several counts .In Moscow, you will get the opportunity to visit the Red Square, the Kremlin, Christ the savior Cathedral, Victory Park and many other places of interest. You can visit the Moscow Museum of modern art which is the first museum in Russia to show case art of the 20th and 21st centuries. The Tretyakov State Gallery contains Russian art of 1000 years. The Pushkin museum of fine arts is a fabulous place to visit.

The St Petersburg houses the heritage museum which stores works of Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Matisse. The palaces of Catherine the Great is a must for the visitors and the cruises arrange to visit all these places.

The River cruise touches Mondrogni, set upon lovely parklands on the banks of the river Svir. Kizhi with its array of churches and historical sites is reached in the voyage.

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